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That’s right – point one! A run that anybody can finish.


Frequently Asked Questions

What the @!%* is this?

The VFW 805 .1K is a fun, zany, wacky, all-ages, family event put on by Sgt. Charles A. Fricke VFW Post 805 in downtown O'Fallon, IL to raise funds for the VFW National Home for Children and the Post 805 Troop Support Fund. At the length of about one city block, it is a short distance that anyone can finish in pretty much any manner that matches their skills and abilities. The short distance is long on impact as much of the funds raised are sent directly to the VFW National Home for Children to assist veteran and military families. VFW Post 805 is the Home of the Original VFW .1K. In 2014, the VFW Post in Naperville, Illinois saw ours and has held its own .1K every year since. Several other posts have hopped on the .1K bandwagon as well. The VFW National Home has also hosted an annual .1K fun run since 2017. We are proud this super-fun idea has caught on, as well as to say that over $150,000 has been raised to help veterans and their families through the VFW .1K fundraisers that have been held so far. With your help, we can keep adding to those numbers.

When and where is the race?

The race will take place on Saturday April 4, 2020 at 10:00 AM. The start line is near the caboose in downtown O’Fallon, IL. The VFW post is located at 221 West First Street in O’Fallon. We hope that while you are in downtown O'Fallon you will check out some of the merchants in the area and we hope most of all that you will bring family and friends and have a fun time supporting a great cause.

Why .1 K?

Why not? We're putting on this whole thing to help veteran and military families. Helping military and veteran families should not be difficult or painful.

Just how far is .1K?

.1K is one-tenth of a kilometer, 100 meters, about 109 yards. It is a distance that anybody can finish. You can run, walk, hop, skip, jump, crawl, or dance and still finish the race. We believe everybody should race at their own pace.

What does it cost to enter?

Each registration costs $20. We will still accept registrations up to and including race day but the cost on race day will be $25 per person. Please note there is an extra $2 charge for each shirt size 2XL or 3XL regardless of when you turn in your entry. Online registrations are processed through RunSignup and any associated fees are charged and retained by RunSignup.

Is there a family or group registration?

Yes, the more the merrier! You can click HERE to register yourself, your family or group for the .1K. Online registration fees are calculated on the total, so register as many people as you want at the same time to save on fees. The team registration for up to six people costs only $90, add additional people for only $15 per person, but please note, Team registrations must be done all at once. Please note that there is an extra $2 charge for each t-shirt size 2XL or 3XL regardless of team or individual registration.

What do I get for my entry fee?

You'll get a really cool T-shirt for the .1K fun run. You’ll get a 0.1 race window decal (like all of those other crazy marathon runners have), and you’ll get a numbered racing bib. You’ll get to participate in a really fun, outdoor springtime event. You’ll get to tell your family, friends, and the IRS that you made a charitable donation. VFW 805 is a 501c(19) organization and the VFW National Home for Children is a 501(c)3 organization. Both are fully eligible for tax-deductible donations.

What do I have to do to sign up?

Registration opens around the first of the year. You can print the registration form and mail or take it to the VFW Post in O’Fallon, IL. The mailing address is 221 West First Street, O’Fallon, Illinois 62269. Please make any check payable to VFW Post 805. We also have registration forms available at the Post 805 Canteen at the same address. To ensure that you get the complete race packet with the really cool T-shirt, race bib, and race window decal you should be sure to register during early registration, which ends March 29. You can also register and pay online.

What if I miss the Early Registration Deadline?

Once early registration closes, we will do our best to make sure that everybody has a chance to get a T-shirt and a window decal, but can’t make any guarantees. To be sure that you get a full race packet that includes your desired T-shirt size, you should register early. Early registration ends on Sunday, March 29 but registration will remain open until about 20 minutes prior to race time on Race Day morning.

When can I pick up my race packet, 0.1 sticker and really cool T-shirt?

If you register early your race packet will be ready for pick up on Friday, April 3 between 1-9 PM at VFW Post 805, 221 West First St., O'Fallon IL. Otherwise, you can pick up your stuff on race day between 8 AM and 9:45 AM. If for some reason you are unable to pick up your packet or attend on Race Day, your packet will be held at the VFW until Sunday of the following week. After this window of opportunity has closed, the contents of your packet will be used at the discretion of the Race Directors.

Is there an age limit to enter the race?

No, there is not. Because the race is benefiting veterans and veteran families in our community, as well as the VFW National Home, an organization for veterans and military families, we think it is important to allow anybody to participate. We have had a two-week-old child and lots of other young children who had a great time, and also had many participants over 80 years old! Babies in strollers have the easiest ride, and at our 4th annual .1K run a WWII US Marine Veteran celebrated his 95th birthday by racing-at-his-own-pace.  He’s been back to every race since! Wheelchairs, strollers, scooters, crutches, and canes are welcome! 

Can my kid race?

Absolutely! You can bring your kids whether they are registered or not but they will not get a full race packet including the really cool t-shirt, race bib and race sticker unless they register. Kids T-shirt sizes Small, Medium and Large are available if you register early.

Can I bring my dog or other pet?

Well-mannered pets on leashes that are 6 feet long or less are welcome. PLEASE NO FLEXI-LEADS. Pets must remain under their owner’s control at all times. Please be aware of and respect other people’s and pet’s space and be sure to clean up after your pet. Only service dogs can be brought inside of the VFW Post.

What if I am not a serious runner?

Then this is the race for you!

What if I am a serious runner?

Then this is the race for you! At a distance of .1K this is likely to be your best race finish time ever. That's something to be proud of! One experienced marathon runner exclaimed after the 2nd annual .1K, “This was my first .1K but it won’t be my last!” One local running club double-dipped by running a 10-mile race earlier in the day, and still completed the .1K. They had finished both runs by 10:01 AM!

What should I wear to the race?

We hope the weather on Race Day will be a beautifully warm spring day, but you should plan to dress in whatever you think is appropriate for you! Clothing is required due to city ordinance. Please remember that the spirit of the day is to help support veterans while having fun, so we suggest you wear something fun! Each year we have a costume contest for both children and adults and we love to see so many people come out for a fun day in wacky, fun, and creative costumes.  You can check out some of the pictures of previous races on this website to see some of the great ideas from previous years.   We hope you’ll help put the FUN in our .1K FUNdraiser!

What if the weather is bad?

The .1K will be held rain or shine and will not be rescheduled. That being said, we want everyone to be safe and have fun so if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we improvise. For our 5th .1K, around race time it was just sprinkling outside so we had about 10 minutes to get our race done and everyone went back inside for more fun. For our 6th annual, the skies opened up just as the race was about to begin, and everyone made it to the finish line quite a bit quicker than in previous years due to the downpour! In the event of severe weather, a call may be made to not hold the event at its scheduled time. If we are unable to delay the start until later the same day, we’ll leave the start and finish markers up as long as the City Ordinances allow us to so you can still complete your .1K at another time.

Will there be food? And drinks?

Yes there will be plenty of opportunities for you to eat and drink to stay hydrated and nourished! Beginning around 8AM on Race Day, we’ll have a Carb Load Table you can belly up to, and our Post 805 Auxiliary makes a great breakfast for a reasonable charge. The Canteen (bar) will open at 8AM, with a Bloody Mary special and whatever else the Canteen Manager decides to surprise us with. We know you’ll work up some hunger stretching and racing, so the Marine Corps League fires up their grill for a BBQ! You can smell that smoke from the Finish Line. Mmm… so tasty after the long winter. Load up! All of our racers should help themselves to a complimentary piece of fruit, and a bottle of water after the race.  

Can I set up a vendor table at your event?

Our fundraiser gets bigger every year (We love this problem!) and table/booth space is at a minimum. For that reason we limit table/booth space to our highest levels of sponsorship. If there is remaining available space, we may offer it to our lower levels of sponsorship. Any other table/booth space may be made available as an exception, and consideration and decision for any available space will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Race Directors. The one way to be sure you get space to set up a vendor table is to go with the Diamond or Platinum sponsor level!

How can I become a supporting sponsor of the race?

There are various sponsor levels for the race listed on the home page. At the bottom of that page you will see a button called "Interested in Becoming a Supporting Sponsor?".   If you click there and fill out the form, race organizers will contact you as soon as possible to get more details and gladly accept your supporting sponsorship.

What else can I do to help?

Volunteer! Click here to tell the race organizers that you’d like to volunteer at the race. They'll be happy to work with you. You can use the same link to contact us regarding donating items for our Race Day Silent Auction! You should also consider contacting the VFW and/or the VFW National Home for Children at their websites listed below to learn more about them. They are both outstanding organizations who support veterans, military members, and their families.

What are you going to do with the money raised at the .1K?

When we started the VFW 805 .1K in 2014 it was to raise money to help the incredible mission of the VFW National Home for Children. Because that was the reason for this crazy event to begin with, we’ll still send much of the money raised to the National Home. Post 805 is proud of its history of helping veterans in our own community, so the remaining funds will be donated to the Post 805 Troop Support Fund to help local veterans and their families when they are in need.

What do you do with my information?

When you register for the .1K, we securely collect certain information which is used to compile your race packet, and to contact you if we have any questions or important announcements. We will not, under any circumstances, share your information with outside organizations, except where applicable by law. We do not sell, communicate, or divulge your information to any outside mailing lists. We use PayPal to process payment of your online registration fees and/or donations and we do not receive any data outside of the transaction number in the process.

What is the VFW National Home for Children?

Founded in 1925 the VFW National Home for Children serves as a living memorial to America’s veterans by helping our nation’s veteran and military families during difficult times. Our Race Day, is planned around the Home’s annual Awareness Week. You can find out more about them at their website www.vfwnationalhome.org.

What is VFW Post 805?

Sgt. Charles A. Fricke VFW Post 805 in O’Fallon, Illinois is one of the most active and successful posts in the state of Illinois.  As one of 6,400 VFW Posts throughout North America and the European and Pacific continents, in 2018 VFW Post 805 was in a highly-select group of less than one percent of VFW Posts to receive the National Outstanding Community Service Post Award (63 total awarded); and one of only three percent of all VFW Posts to achieve All-American status (199 total awarded). Post 805 and its Auxiliary were commended for volunteering in excess of 3,000 community service hours and directly disbursing over $25,000 on programs, projects, and community service efforts in the VFW 2018-2019 year; and providing an additional $60,000 of In-Kind donations to the local community.  In addition to its 2018-2019 honors the Post has been awarded as an All-American Post six other times and has been awarded as an All-State Post each year since 2008. All proceeds from bar and food sales, hall rentals, and video gaming machines are used to keep the Post’s doors open and to help veterans in the community. Learn more at the Post 805 website www.vfwpost805.org

What if my question was not listed?

If you have other questions about the .1K run or about VFW Post 805’s other activities, please Click here to contact the race staff and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can.

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